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Balletcanetics is a slow, mindful exercise class that takes elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, Ballet, Body Balance and Core Conditioning. It is a class designed to be controlled and fluid, exercising every part of the body in the process. It is a class that is done standing, where there is no high intensity, jumping or leaping about and is done mostly without floor work; slow, progressive movements are the key.

Age or ability are no issue - adjustments can be make during the class to make you more comfortable, i.e., using a chair, wall or barre to balance.

It is a class that has been proven to build on those essential core muscles by strengthening them, stretching on the skeletal line to improve overall posture. it concentrates on breathing patterns, muscle sculpting and control as well as flexibility and strength. 

Please Note

Due to the current Government Restrictions, Balletcanetics classes are only available online. Please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' tab for more information if you wish to join us! 

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